"Moreover, you scorned our people, and compared the Albanese to sheep, and according to your custom think of us with insults. Nor have you shown yourself to have any knowledge of my race. Our elders were Epirotes, where this Pirro came from, whose force could scarcely support the Romans. This Pirro, who Taranto and many other places of Italy held back with armies. I do not have to speak for the Epiroti. They are very much stronger men than your Tarantini, a species of wet men who are born only to fish. If you want to say that Albania is part of Macedonia I would concede that a lot more of our ancestors were nobles who went as far as India under Alexander the Great and defeated all those peoples with incredible difficulty. From those men come these who you called sheep. But the nature of things is not changed. Why do your men run away in the faces of sheep?"
Letter from Skanderbeg to the Prince of Taranto ▬ Skanderbeg, October 31 1460

Maqedonia, kjo province e quajtur Shqiperi

Këtu mund të flisni mbi historinë tonë duke sjellë fakte historike për ndriçimin e asaj pjese të historisë mbi të cilen ka rënë harresa e kohës dhe e njerëzve.

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Re: Maqedonia, kjo province e quajtur Shqiperi


Post by Zeus10 » Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:28 pm

Poeti grek i shekullit te 16 Tzanes Koronaios, ne poemen e tij Ελληνικα Ανεκδοτα, ne vargjet kushtuar stradioteve shqiptare te komanduar nga gjenerali Merkur Bua(1478 – 1542) tregon momentin kur Merkur Bua u zgjodh general, nga MAQEDONASIT e tij:


"With a strong power made him a general,
the sir Mercurio commanding four hundred horsemen,
With special Macedonians, who all gave an oath
to be always faithfull to the king, and get killed for him"...

njezeri fuqishem e ben ate general
zotin Merkur komandant te katerqind kaloresave
me maqedonasit e tij te shquar, te cilet bene bashke nje betim
te jene besnik te mbretit dhe te vdesin per te

Pastaj ai tregon se ku banonin keta maqedonas, vend i quajtur Maqedoni, qe do te thoshte Arta, Angjelokastro, Janina dhe Shqiperia, dmth praktikisht Epir+Albani


"And they were living in Macedonia,
(that is) Arta and Angellokastro, Iannina and Albania"...

Por ajo qe te ben me ben me pershtypje, eshte qe ai therret keta Maqedonas Stradioti, me emrin e tyre te lashte Laqedemonas ose Spartane


"And gathered archonts, the Lacedaimonites
and other stradioti, Macedonians

se bashku me gjithe stratiotet e tjere maqedonas

Ja ku eshte historia: spartane, maqedonas, epirote, stradiote e albane, te gjithe bij te nje gjuhe nen nje bese e nje tradite trimerie.
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