"Moreover, you scorned our people, and compared the Albanese to sheep, and according to your custom think of us with insults. Nor have you shown yourself to have any knowledge of my race. Our elders were Epirotes, where this Pirro came from, whose force could scarcely support the Romans. This Pirro, who Taranto and many other places of Italy held back with armies. I do not have to speak for the Epiroti. They are very much stronger men than your Tarantini, a species of wet men who are born only to fish. If you want to say that Albania is part of Macedonia I would concede that a lot more of our ancestors were nobles who went as far as India under Alexander the Great and defeated all those peoples with incredible difficulty. From those men come these who you called sheep. But the nature of things is not changed. Why do your men run away in the faces of sheep?"
Letter from Skanderbeg to the Prince of Taranto ▬ Skanderbeg, October 31 1460

Albanesische studien.

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Albanesische studien.


Post by Zeus10 » Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:52 pm

von dr. Jur. Johann Georg von Hahn

Hahn, J. G. von (Johann Georg), 1811-1869., Martin, J. E. August, 1822-1892.
Jena: F. Mauko, 1854.

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Re: Albanesische studien.


Post by Sturmgewehr » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:31 pm

cka oet fjal ne ekte liber???? se nuk e marim vesh mir Gjermanishten ???

Konkretisht per cka flet Autori nese ak mundesi ne pika te shkurtra

Ky forum eshte vetem ne gjermanisht
Libri nuk eshte perkthyer ne asnje gjuhe tjeter.

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Re: Albanesische studien.


Post by Arbëri » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:35 pm

Dr.jur. Johann Georg von Hahn, deutscher Konsul für östliches Griechenland, und viele andere Akademiker sehr genau, daß die Albaner die Illyrer und die Hellenen sind und Altgriechisch (Hellenisch) eher mit Albanisch und nicht mit Neugriechisch verandt ist.
Auch die meisten mythologische Götterrnamen sowie Legenden wie Ilias von Homer sind albanisch.
Dorer waren selbstverstänlich die Albaner gewesen Dardania = Dor = Dru = Tree = Baum/Wald

Wenn sie das folgende Buch liest, wirst du verstehen.
Wenn sie die ausreichende Intelligenz besitzt, das folgende Buch zu lesen, wirst du vielleicht begreifen :)
“Nëse doni të zbuloni historinë para Krishtit dhe
shkencat e asaj kohe, duhet të studioni gjuhën shqipe !"
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - albanolog, matematicient, filozof gjerman

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